Podcast interview: Is OAuth 2 the Devil?

Alex Bilbie and Zackary Blank come on the show to talk about OAuth 2, which has been getting a lot of flamey bad press over the last year or two after the original author quit the project.

Why these guys? Well, Alex until recently was working at the University of Lincoln where they did a whole bunch of OAuth 2 work as auth for various API projects at the university. During this time he created the fully spec compliant CodeIgniter OAuth 2.0 Server, which was later replaced with a new generic PHP version for “The League of Extraordinary Packages”. It’s safe to say that Alex knows his shit when it comes to OAuth.

Read more and listed to the podcast

API driven development: eating your own dog food

On Tuesday I presented at the first ever PHP North East conference in Newcastle. Hosted in the fantastic Tyneside Cinema (which is the last surviving Newsreel theatre still operating as a cinema full-time in the UK), it was a very well organised event and I’m incredibly grateful to the PHP North East group for accepting my talk proposal.

My topic was “API driven development: Eating your own dog food”, I’ve embedded my slides below:

Unfortunately they weren’t able to video my talk so my slides may seem a little out of context but hopefully you can get the overall gist of what I talked about.

Once again, I’d like to say thank you to Anthony Sterling and the PHPNE crew for putting on a wonderful event.

JISC AIM programme meeting 16th October

Yesterday I travelled to Birmingham for a JISC AIM programme meeting at the beautiful Aston University campus.

I presented a short talk about the Linkey project. My slides are embedded below. Note, I don’t really like very “wordy” presentation slides so I keep them simple, however you should be able to get the gist of the talk 🙂